Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Will.....the cat

Photo Shoot 

 Where: the backporch 
 Subject: Will, the mighty yet sensitive cat

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hazelnuts anyone?

Now who would have thought.....we have a hazelnut tree in our very own backyard. We have lived now in this house for almost 9 years and it took the Grass Whisperer( a friend of ours) to point out to me that we have such a tree in our yard! Now how cool is that? If I collect enough hazelnuts, I just might be able to make nutella. :)

Pink in the garden

Today I would like to share with you some pictures my niece took. She was visiting her boyfriend´s parents and what do you think she found? Well, pink of course! The pictures are so inviting, makes me want to spend lots of time in that garden.

Happy Pink Saturday Everyone! Be sure to stop by How Sweet the Sound for some more pink!

How Sweet the Sound

Monday, August 20, 2012

one short moment of summer

Our summer vacation, well summer you can not call it as the weather as been more than lousy, but nonetheless, this season is coming to a close. It has been one busy busy season for me---in addition to my great job, I assisted in 3 moves! WoW! I learned with each move and slowly becoming an expert!

Yesterday we were granted a day of 90° F weather! It was awesome--we finally got to use our little pool! The water was freezing, but after a day of working on the last move it sure did the trick.

It is quiet now in Berlin, 2 friends are now in their new homes, one in San Francisco the others in Munich. We miss them terribly and pray for a reunion soon. My husband returned to work this morning and my son returns to school next Monday....fall and my favorite holiday are creeping up on me fast!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Hello Everyone!
 as many of you know, it does not take much to inspire me!  And this week it was no different, the inspiration  bug bit me when  I found some green material in my friend´s basement! My friend Liz moved to Munich and I have been helping purge, pack, and clean! WOW, what a job, but that is a story for another blog post(once I have recovered!)

The green material got me thinking about sunflowers! And so I got busy trying to play catch up with my brain!!! Out came the black dishes, the new black cloth napkins, the sunflowers, and for a change the stemware aquired on a cruise taken long long ago with my parents! And before I knew what was happening, the tablescape for this weeks Tablescape Thursday entry was nearly complete! Just missing the final touch....and thanks to my cricut, I was able to create that final touch!

Gotta love my Cricut! I was able to create these cute flowers for each tablesetting

the yellow charges come from IKEA, for that matter so do the black plates!

Will the cat, looks on  from afar!

one can do so much with colored sand!

the glasses come from a NCL Cruise we took with my parents!

I hope this Thursday finds you healthy and happy! See you all real soon. Perhaps this Sunday here at An American in Berlin for New Recipe Sunday?

between naps on the porch

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Oma´s 90th Birthday Table!

On August 01, 2012 my mother in law turned the big 90!!!! Amazing, don´t you think? I truly had a blast planning this party for her. As many of you know, I am by no means best buddies with my mother in law, but I felt it was my duty to organize a blowout bash for her, certainly at 90 she deserved a party! Back in February we thought we would lose her, turns out she was over medicated. Thankfully the nurses requested that she go into the hospital to have her meds checked(smart nurses!). We are forever grateful to them for making that call, as after a 3 week stay, we had Oma back! She is so with it, goes for long walks, goes to the store herself, eats in the dining room and and and and!


Cake Pops!

gold charges on loan from my friend Jeanne, the dishes were on loan from the retirement home

Beautiful flowers---thanks to my girlfriend Magda!

The Buffet Table


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