Saturday, May 10, 2014

31st Avon Women´s Run_10 May 2014

Today is the day. I am participating in the Avon Women´s Run in Berlin....well I am nordic walking 5K! REally can not see myself running that far, but the walking I can do. The picture I am posting to Pink Saturday today is of my t-shirt, how fitting that it is pink!

This 5K Nordic Walk is for all the women in my life who have fought their own cancer fight. Here´s to:

  • Carol, Michele´s Mom who bravely batteled ovarian cancer. I miss her and think of her often.
  • Martina, who fought brain cancer with all her might till the very end. She guided me through my travel agency training years in Cloppenburg.
  • Kim, who batteled breast cancer and won!
  • Sabine, who did not let breast cancer surgery stop her from celebrating thanksgiving with us last year(she convinced the surgeon to let her leave the hospital for a few hours(drainage bags and all!) I look forward to many more thanksgivings with her!
  • Tante Anneliese(my aunt), who did not let breast cancer surgery stop her from traveling to germany to spend time with us. She too is a survivor.
  • Martha, a survior and 10K power walker today
  • Lily....a little girl that thanks to social media has become a part of my life. She is now 300 days cancer free! You can follow her miracle story  at

THis day is for all of you! You are all in my heart today and every day  and even though the weather is far from perfect, this will be a good day!

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