Friday, February 26, 2010

A wedding in pink

A few years ago my niece got married-her main color was a pretty shade of pink!


Wow, it is Friday again-where does the time go? The snow is finally melting here in Berlin-Spring must be just around the corner. I have spent my morning in the kitchen--baking cupcakes for our school and making homemade tortillas for our mexican dinner tommorow night. For sometime now, I have wanted to take pictures of my kitchen to post, but I am afraid that can not happen today-there is some major cleaning up to do! My entry for this weeks foodie friday are some pictures of some cupcakes I have done in the past.

Baseball Cupcakes for my son´s Baseball Team-Chocolate Cupcakes-Buttercream Frosting with Fondant Accents

I am a member of the american womans club of Berlin. App. 4-5 times a year we go to the Ronald MacDonald House and prepare dinner for the families. In June we always hold a BBQ-thus the Hamburg Cupcakes!(please see Cake is where I get my inspiration. The Bun-vanilla cupcakes--the meat patty-chocolate cake-- the lettuce and tomato-colored frosting--the cheese-colored fondant

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Viva La Tablescape

The salt and pepper shakers come from todd and roxanne, who were moving back to the us, I believe she got them at the oriental trading company

The orange dishes and the margarita glasses come from Ikea, the charger plates from a sale at KaDeWe(a large dept store in Berlin) The large ceramic candle stick holder comes from Cozumel as do the paper mache´fruits. If I remember correctly the blanket comes from Acapulco

Again I went online looking for a neat idea for the napkins. I bought them at a store called Butlers(like crate and barrel or pier one)

The little red hat in the picture is from a tequila bottle

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Evening

Hello Everyone!

I have been absent this week-please forgive.  this was just not my week and I can not explain why.

This afternoon I watched the movie Julia and Julie---what a great movie. An inspirational one for me. Now, do not panic- I do not plan to to copy Julie and blog about a cookbook and I am reading. It just got me thinking--I have the time I should take advantage of it and start cooking/baking more. It is something I enjoy-so what is stopping me? And it is not just the cooking-but I love to scrapbook and needlepoint.  So, I am going to try to do my best and follow my dreams-for the moment here within my home-then the world!!

Our Grace is doing fine at the moment. She has gone a week now without throwing up. For those of you who do not know-she is our cat(one of them) and she suffers from chronic gastritis. I have been combing the web for recipes so that I can make my own cat food, and for advice on how to treat her. This has proven to be very confusing. One web site suggests pepto bismol-the next says that Pepto is deadly for a cat. Then one site suggests baby food-the next warns against it. Then there are homopathic medicines-but where do I get those here in germany? I hoping that she will be okay with the diet food for the moment as I still need to do more research. Her brother Will is his usual healthy self. Both are more than ready to get back outside to start chasing birds again! It has been a long winter-time for spring

Happy Sunday to everyone

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Valentine´s Tea

For this weeks Tablescape Entry I set the table for a tea in my favorite room of the house-the kitchen! Not only do I like this room best, but it is also very popular with our guests. A few years ago, we hosted a parent potluck for my son´s 6th grade class. Not to worry, a mother told me--not all would come.!!! Boy-was she wrong--we ended up with about 30 people in the house! Guess where we spent the evening? Thats right-in the kitchen. It was a blast.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Metamorphosis Monday

he Before Shots!

As you can see-yellow and blue walls!! No carpeting!! Lots of stuff in the room that just did not belong. Like the Fussball Table(went into my son´s room) The piano got a new home in the hallway(the next remodel job!!!)

The After Shots!

Last year we spent one long weekend, redoing our home theater room. Orginally I had painted the walls using paint we still had. BOY, I wish I would have not done that-the color scheme was not the best. SO, after lots of planning and discussing-we finally did the remodel this past July!

Gifts from a Friend far away

Special teas and pretty towels always make me smile. The towels have inspired me for the holidays 2010(Yes I am already thinking ahead!!!) We are trying to cut back the costs of Christmas, every year it seems the gifts have to be more expensive and bigger than the year before. I know I alway love and appreciate a home made gift-I hoping others will too. Will keep you all posted on how I do! First hurdle to tackle is how to get the recipe printed on the material.

Happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

You just got to love Walt Disney!

My girlfriend in Florida sent me a package the other day! So much fun when a pkg arrives!!! In it were lots of goodies and of course the latest addition for my walt disney hat collection. This one is from Christmas 2009-a take on the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Loving this "BLOG" Thing

I should be doing oh so many things around the house, but I must confess I am hooked! There are so many interesting blogs out there-so many creative people! I promise to start adding some fmore of my ideas and pray with me that my photography skills pick up fast!

After spending the week childless, our son Mike( age 14) comes home today from a visit with his cousin/godmother! I heard how is week went and all I can say is "vacation is over!" Time to hit the books, get the instrument out the case and and and! Poor Guy he does not know what he is in for. He should not complain too much though as he only has a few weeks of school and then he is off with the rest of the 8th grade for a 2 week ski vacation!


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