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Monday, April 25, 2016

Spring is in the least that is what the calender tell us

 The calender may be telling us that spring is here..but everytime I stick my nose out the door I find out we are far from it temperature wise. The sun is shining and we have been lucky enough not to have too much rain....but come on.. ende of April and I am still wearing my winter coat?
     The low temperatures have not stopped us from getting the garden ready for the season, nor did it stop us from hosting a bbq this past Friday. I had found a new recipe for burgers online(the rub I used had coffee in it!) and of course I had to try it out! Please forgive no pictures of the burgers.....we were too busy eating! Anyhow.....we may have grilled the burgers outside, but we sat down to enjoy them inside....and this is what the table looked like!

Römergläser.......the different colored wine glasses add the necessary sparkle to the tablescape. Some of the glasses I purchased on ebay...the others come from my mom

Tonights "Dish" of choice were my new dishes from my niece and nephew......

Playing with the camera lenses......

My local florist always comes through for me.....Love the flowers in this small vase from Ikea. 

Happy Tablescaping everyone...

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Good Morning Everyone,

many of you have requested my carrot cake recipe. I was lucky enough to work in a bakery a few years ago where we baked many wonderful cakes and brownies and cookies. My carrot cake recipe comes from that bakery.

Carrot Cake 

Preheat oven to 180° C


6 Eggs Size Large
480 gr sugar
300 ml oil

570 gr carrots, shredded

90 gr walnuts, ground
375 gr flour
3 teaspoons baking powder
1.5 teapsoons cinnamon
3 teaspoons baking soda


1. Grind walnuts
2. Shred Carrots
3. Mix all ingredients in large bowl

Bake in a 28 cm round form for 50-60 minutes.

In the meantime, you can make your decorations.

1. Grind walnuts 
2. Color buttercream orange and grean for the carrots
3. prepare the cream cheese frosting

Happy Baking Everyone...........

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Still here.........

2016 has been to put it mildly going by at rapid high speed.......every night I keep saying to myself that tomorrow "I will be on top of everything" and then another day goes by and I am still crawling my way up to the top. Do you feel like that too sometimes?

There is soo much I would like to do, soo many things I need to do and yet after a busy day at my new job....which I truly love and would not want to miss, I fall into bed exhausted.

My...I would like to DO List

1. READ all the new books I bought
2. actually read Fridays Book Club Book
3. BBQ in our outdoor kitchen
4. plant my herb garden
5. ride my bike for hours
6. scrapbook(3 projects are just waiting to be finished/started
7. Sew the pillow covers using my mom´s clothes(my mom passed away in November and the pillows are to be gifts for my nieces and nephew)

My...I need to do DO List

1. Finish the laundry
2. IRon
3. mop the floors
4. plan a menue for the week and actually follow it
5. clean the basement

Friday, February 19, 2016

Christmas Take 3....

Okay, Okay...I know....

I promise this is the last Christmas week I will be semi-back on track!

This tablescape is extra special to me, because of my dishes that I received as a gift from my niece and nephew here in Germany. I am one lucky Auntie..... I was overwelmed when I unpacked 4 large boxes.....I have a complete setting for 12! It includes,  lunch and dinner plates, soup bowl and soup plates, coffee and tea cups and serving dishes!!!!!

The stemware you have seen before.......a gift from Irene and Chris

and yet another new husband and I argue if it is for wine or cognac....   
This was a special gift from Heinke and Thorsten.

And in memory of my mom.....The wooden figur used to sit on our radio in the house I grew up in.

Do the place card holders look familar? They are from my niece Heidi´s Wedding

The napkin ring holders come from my friend Kirstina... I am pretty sure that they are not meant to be napkin holders....but it works!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend.....Mine will be a busy  one filled with baking, exercising and working in the ice cream parlor....yes I have a new job! Very grateful

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Christmas Tablescape----Take 2

Yes, I know it is almost Valentine´s Day and I should be posting about the upcoming holiday....but I am still playng catch up! I could have waited till the next Christmas Season to share this tablescape with you, but........ well, there was no way I was going to be able to that patient. You see, this is the first time that the pictures were taken with help of some great camera equipment, that my son brought home. He is studying film at the DbS in Berlin and a few weeks ago had some film work to do and so I got to play with the equipment! Lucky me! THEN, my son took the pictures and made them so much better with the help of his Christmas Present...and iMac! (the Christkind delivers the gifs to children of all ages in Germany and was very generous this year!)

I am simply in love with the pictures and that is why there are soooooooo many....

The main attraction of this tablescape are the reindeer. The green ones are on loan from my new job...Dolci Eis Lounge in Teltow. The other ones are a loan from my scrapbooking friend Nancy! Many thanks to both!

....and of course, some of my decorations are edilbe(and matching in color)

Mardi Gras Beads....from New Orleans. I would say these are about 40 years old....My husband keeps everything!

As all of you know by now, I have an obession with Christmas Bulbs....and so when we were shopping at our favorite Nursery  in Holland before the Holidays, I just had to have these.....

The cloth napkins were found at Zara Home..a store very similar to Pier One and Crate&Barrel. I have to admit, I when I am at this store I feel like I am back in the states! The beeded napkin ring holders are actually your hair....I found them in Munich years ago and bought them for a Halloween Tablescape... The charger plates come from Depot the outlet store(the only one of its kind and it is located in Cloppenburg, where I used to live)

The green candle votives are a donation from a Chef Jill.She moved away recently and was so kind in giving me some of her tablescape collection.

Happy Tablescaping Everyone......

POsting to Tablescape Thursday

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Dreaming of a white Christmas

Hello Everyone and Welcome to the
 2016 Cook Bake Love Blog! 

I know it has been "like forever" since I have posted, but a lot has happened......first we went on a long over due vacation and then my mom passed away. But now that the holidays are over and I am healthy again(yes.....the holidays means this blogger comes down with the flu) I am ready and anxious to get blogging again.

My first tablescapes will be have a Christmas theme....I know the Christmas Season is over, but like I said, there were issues! I hope you still enjoy the first of three Christmas Themed Tablescapes.

Winter Wonderland 

Back like in July.....I found the white tray at Action Markt in Cloppenburg and with that the winter wonderland tablescape idea was born!

Love my Christmas Wooden Letters....Yes sometimes the hubby does good!

My little snowman. I actually had bought him years ago for a thanksgiving tablescape....but I think he fits in well with my winter wonderland.

The wooden stars were found at Action Markt..... Love that store. Action Markt is a chain store from Holland......Cloppenburg(my german home town) is lucky enough to have one. If you are ever in just have to check this store out.

Thanks to my niece Mareike and her husband Timo, I have a set of napkin rings that just happen to fit perfectly in this winter wonderland.

Hope you enjoyed my winter wonderland. Please do stop by soon again to catch my second Christmas themed tablescape.....

Posting to: Tablescape Thursday

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