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Monday, October 3, 2016

Fall is in the air........

Autumn is fast becoming my favorite season.... Love the colors, the leaves and the smell of Christmas just around the corner


Happy Tablescaping this week!

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The calender says it is officially autumn...  After a not so great summer....Mother Nature has granted us a beautiful autumn and to celebrate, I created a tablescape with warm colors and some of my favorite accents.

Supply List:

Dishes: Ikea and Möbel Porta
Stemware: Rosenthal
Silverware and Candles: Lidl(a grocery store in germany that has weekly non-food articles for sale
Napkin Rings: a gift from my sister
Tablecloth: Das Depot 

Happy Tablescaping this week everyone....

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Today was a good day...afterall

Today sure was not my day.........nothing really was going my headache was really bugging me and and and.....BUT, late this afternoon the postman delivered a package and that is when my day turned around. You see, recently I was chosen once again to take part in a product test from SaalDigital. A few months ago, I got to create my first photo book with SaalDigital. As I wrote in my blog post, I was more than happy with the results. This was the first photobook that I truly liked. Now, I got to product test their wall art. When I saw the Post on Facebook from SaalDigital I knew immediately which picture I wanted to use.  So you see....this afternoon I was happy again and boy does the picture look great on my living room wall!. Many, many thanks to SaalDigital for this oppurtunity. Once again.....the software is great.....the delivery was quick and the quality is over the top!

The picture I chose was from our vacation last year......we took a 2 week crazy trip...first a cruise and then washington dc and nyc......This is one of my favorite pictures....Central Park at dusk.

And now I have Central Park in my living room. Big shout out to Saal Digital!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pasta! Pasta!

Pasta Pasta!

For the longest time, I have wanted to learn to make my own pasta. Now, I have attempted it in the past...but, never ever was the pasta soooooooo good that I wanted to run out and scream it to the world....till now! Lucky me...a new friend Kim along with her daughter were visiting and they both just happen to be pasta experts! The master class was a complete success(the neighbors helped us devour the entire batch later that same day. Last week a friend of ours was celebrating his 49th birthday. Since he is the one that lent me the pasta attachements for the kitchen aid, I decided to make him a batch of pasta as a gift I made spinach pasta, dried-tomate pasta and a regular batch. 

I truly enjoyed putting this gift together! Loved that I had everything in my "shoppe of horros". Pretty happy with the result. Our gift was well received and I see a lot of homemade pasta in our future!

Kuddos to Kim and her daughter who taught me! Kuddos to Chris for lending me the kitchen aid attachments.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Premiere Photo Album

 My first photo book and my first book of Tablescapes

 So, recently I was lucky enough to receive a 40Euro Gift Certificate to create a photo book. Now, mind you, I am not a huge fan of these books...prefer sitting at my craft table and creating scrapbooks......but when such a great oppurtunity arises.......

 For my first photo book, I decided to create a book of Tablescapes......

As you can imagine, I had a lot of pictures to weed through. Due to lack of a lot time(this girl still has to go to work) I opted for only pictures and no text.

I impatiently waited for my book in the mail. You can only imagine how frustrated I got when the package delivery guy did not leave the book on the front porch when he tried to deliver. I had to wait a whole extra day!!! The suspense was killing me.

When I did finally have the book in my hot, griddy little hands I was happy surprised. The book looks great and my pictures look so professional!

P.S.....I am now a fan of photo books

Saal-Digital Fotoservice GmbH 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Leaving.....on jet plane....

Living in Berlin has its of them is I get to know a lot of fellow americans, or Expats as one calls them. Over the years I have met some wonderful families and some very special women, who have become some of my closest friends.....The downside is that Expats are here on borrowed time...usually 3 years. So, in the past 15 years I have said good bye ALOT! And let me tell you, it does not get easier.....

On June was time for Regina and Mike to pack their bags and leave Berlin. As I write they are on the first leg of their great travel adventure......hence the inspiration for the tablescape.

The globe comes from my husband Klaus....he had it in his childhood home

The blue globe/paper wieght was my dad´s. My son now has it sitting on his desk...

The first cut outs with my Cricut Explore Air!

The Northwest Airplane.......sat for many many years in the office of Adventure Tours and dad´s travel agency. When my son was small he would play for hours with the planes. So happy we were able to bring it back to Germany with us. 

My pride and joy....the Concord....I got the plane from the Air France Representiv that planned a group tour for my dad. If I remember correctly his name was Fritz Hoffein......

The Sabena Airplanes......MIke and I flew home many times with Sabena......

Wishing my friends Regina and Mike safe travels..........

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