Monday, May 20, 2013

A quiet Monday

This Monday was a holiday here in Germany-Pentacost Monday. what did this girl do? Well, she worked on a cake, delivered it to her friend and cleaned the kitchen...... somehow I do not think this is the way I should have spent my day off, but what is a girl to do?

Keeping this busy helps me combat the sad thoughts in my head. You see, once again, friends that have been made are moving back to the states, my son is a 17 year teen ager, my husband is retiring and and and and. Okay, so this sounds like I am complaning, better said whining, I know I know.

Here is hoping the wine I am ejoying will help me unwind and that a good nites sleep will prepare me for a busy day at the office tomorrow!

Happy Monday Everyone

Friday, May 17, 2013

Going Home

In April I got to go home to Chicago for a visit. It was not a planned visit, more spur of the moment...the best visits I think!  You see I was making flight reservations for my co-worker, and while on hold a recording I was listening to, explained to me that there was now a non-stop flight to Chicago from Berlin! To make it eve more sweeter, the flight was to cost only 500 Euros!! So, has soon as my boss gave me the green light, I packed my bag and was off!

My days at home were filled to the brim, it was never a dull moment! The following posts are going to give you a glimpse of all the action!

The first days were spent visiting my god child  at my alma mater---the University of Illinois--home of the fighting Illini! What a trip down memory lane!

Green Street 

Follets Bookstore.....I spent a lot of money there!


Altgeld Hall


The Alma Mater is out for repairs---we happily stood in for her.


China Trees, as my niece calls them, were in full bloom

The Undergrad this place 



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