Friday, October 30, 2015

Early Morning Impressions.....

It seems that the Fitness bug has is a cold, dizzy, foggy, rainy morning and yet I got up, got dressed and went on a bike ride! Wow, even with not so great weather it was well worth it. This time I took my camera along.

This Picture was taken in front of our house door... Playing around with some camera techniques.

The Teltow Canal

Der einsame Baum

And back home.....

Saturday, August 22, 2015

hello Everyone...... I happy to share with you this weeks tablescape.......

Diamonds in the rough.......

LOVE LOVE LOVE.....the diamond napkin rings that my niece Heidi let me borrow....

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

3 Weddings and....... no funeral

Wow has this been a summer..........3 Weddings!!!!

You read correctly.....we celebrated 3 Weddings in our immediate family this summer.

The first wedding was in mother, at a young age of 84 married her first love Hannes. We were all not able to attend this wedding, but were with those who were in spirit!

The second wedding took place in June in Hamburg-Norderstedt. There my nephew Niki married his beautiful bride Isabella. I had my doubts about a wedding at a beach bar/restaurant, but wow what a great day! The weather played along, my wedding cake made it one piece despite the golf cart ride it had to take and even my great-nephew Jacob was the perfect baby.

The third wedding took place the end of July in Bethen in the Marien Basillica. A special church for our family. I was married in this church, along with the bride´s sister, and both sets of grandparents!

The photo box was a hit at both weddings...

So you see, I have been M.I.A. for some very good reasons....... As summer is coming to an end, I am getting myself psyched for a great fall full of work and lots of adventures........

Monday, May 25, 2015 is not just about pickels

Today is not just Memorial Day(a holiday in the USA) but also Pentacost Monday, and so a holiday here in Germany. Usually my days off are spent working in and around the house, but today we decided it was time to venture outside of our backyard and see what the world has to offer.

Along with friends of ours we made our way to the Spreewald for a boat ride. Imagine Venice....but without the buildings and oh so very very green.

The Spreewald is located about 80km southeast of Berlin. It is famous for its gherkins....they produce about 40,000 tonnes of pickels every year.

We had a great day and are already making plans to go again...this time though we are going to rent canoes....

You can rent houses...perfect for a few days of peace and quiet.

along the route, our boat stopped for a snack........

Ah.....pottery this time Spreewald made.....of course I had to buy a small something! And of course it was bakeware.......please check back for a post all about the new bakeware!

trying to find our way back to the boat

Happy Monday Everyone!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ham and Cheese Roll with Curry Dip

As many of you of you know, I am a volunteer at the Ronald MacDonald House Berlin Wedding. Once I go and volunteer for 3 hours.....doing all sorts of stuff, from cleaning apartments to cooking for the families on thursday nights. We have a great crew that loves to cook and the cooking evenings are always a lot of fun. The recipe I am sharing with you today is the first course we served on Thursday Nite

The finished 1st course......Ham and Cheese Roll with a salad


ready made pizza dough
cherry tomatoes
shredded cheese

sour cream
curry spice


Roll out pizza dough. First layer on the pizza dough....layers of ham or zuchini(for the vegetarians), then you add the shredded cheese. The tomates you line up on the bottom of the pizza dough. Roll up and bake for 35 minutes. Oven Temp: 350° F. The picture below shows you how the roll looks with zuchini.

For the sauce mix sour cream and curry spice.

Happy New Recipe Sunday 


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