Thursday, September 29, 2016

Today was a good day...afterall

Today sure was not my day.........nothing really was going my headache was really bugging me and and and.....BUT, late this afternoon the postman delivered a package and that is when my day turned around. You see, recently I was chosen once again to take part in a product test from SaalDigital. A few months ago, I got to create my first photo book with SaalDigital. As I wrote in my blog post, I was more than happy with the results. This was the first photobook that I truly liked. Now, I got to product test their wall art. When I saw the Post on Facebook from SaalDigital I knew immediately which picture I wanted to use.  So you see....this afternoon I was happy again and boy does the picture look great on my living room wall!. Many, many thanks to SaalDigital for this oppurtunity. Once again.....the software is great.....the delivery was quick and the quality is over the top!

The picture I chose was from our vacation last year......we took a 2 week crazy trip...first a cruise and then washington dc and nyc......This is one of my favorite pictures....Central Park at dusk.

And now I have Central Park in my living room. Big shout out to Saal Digital!


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