Monday, December 26, 2011


Wow, how can this be the end of December? It is about 8-10 degrees Celsius outside and yet we are celebrating Christmas!

My mother in law moved into assisted living this past fall and I thought it would be nice for her to have some of her own plants to decorate her terrace-we all knew that the plant would not last long it being fall and all, but look it here, it is the 26th of  December and the plant is still blooming! Just goes to show you that global warming has everything under control!

Have a happy day everyone!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Our Christmas Tree and Traditions

Usually, our family will go out to a tree farm and chop down a tree. This means some friendly arguing over which tree to take, some glühwein, followed by some more discussion on how to get the tree home!!! Every year same story. Except for this year.....our artificial, yet pretty graces the  living room this year. We will be away for Christmas Day, so it just did not make financial sense to get a real one. I think it looks pretty good and the other day our tree got the best compliment it could get---a visitor thought the tree was a real one!

Happy 4th Advent Everyone

Saturday, December 17, 2011

A gift just in time!°

This past week I ran out of vanilla extract---a problem when you live in Germany--you can not just run out to the next grocery store and buy another bottle. Lucky for me, some friends came over for dinner last night and she brought me a bottle as a gift. So thankful as I had cakes to bake this morning.

What makes this bottle extra special is that proceeds of the sale benefits the  Suasan G. Komen for the Cure Fondation.

Happy Pink Saturday Everyone!

Be sure to stop by "How the Sweet the Sound" for more pink holiday entries.....

Monday, December 12, 2011

A Teddy Bear for Clara---part 2

Well today i managed to cut out all the pieces to the teddy bear----now the hard part starts---the sewing!

It has been awhile---wondering if I can pull this off!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Teddy Bear for Clara

A long long time ago, I learned how to a sew a teddy bear! Took me all weekend, but by Sunday Night there he was finshed and looking pretty. Recently while going through boxes in the attic, I came accross some pink material and decided my great niece Clara could use a teddy bear. Several weeks have gone by since then, til now--when the bug bit me..... not sure if I will make it by Christmas... I am sure going to try.

The pattern....

Phase One complete--tracing the pattern. Next step is to cut all the pieces out!

So, my something pink this Saturday morning is a pink teddy bear for Clara-my great niece.!

Happy Saturday Everyone--be sure to check out all the other wonderful "pink" at 

How Sweet the Sound

Daybreak in Kleinmachnow

This past Saturday I was not meant to sleep before sun up I was up and going--after getting this picture, I am sure happy I was not able to sleep longer. Breathtaking.....


The other day, I came accross this cookie recipe at So glad I did---they are delicious and the best part no flour--cookies everyone can enjoy.

For the recipe, please just click on the above mentioned web site!

Gosh, they are really good! Might just make them my dinner this evening!


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