Thursday, June 28, 2012


Viva La Mexico....

Yes it was that time again....time for homemade tortillas, guacomole and pico del Gallo, taco chicken and sooo much more.

2 years ago, I invited 2 Families to dinner... I had never met them before, but they were both friends with a college friend of mine and were new to Berlin. I had asked my college friend what should I cook and Jennifer suggested that mexican food was the way to go! The evening was a total success and the 2 new friendships were formed.. One glitsch was desert, I had found a recipe for mexican fried ice cream, except that I did not catch the part that you actually had to "fry the ice cream"!! :)

The past 2 years have been pretty cool--we have done lunches, celebrated birthdays, drank lots of coffees and gotten to know each other. But, as we all know, all good things come to an end and so these 2 families are now leaving Berlin for new adventures one to California and the other family to Munich. Lucky for me, the third family in the group will still be with me for one more year.

I thought it fitting to celebrate our last dinner together just like we celebrated the first--with a mexican feast  and this the mexican ice cream was fried!

The pepper pinatas are home crafted and filled with m&m´s!

our new outdoor kitchen! 

and  this is Baby Frank....or Franzl as I like to call him. 

Happy Tablescape Thursday Everyone! Be sure to stop by

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

2 great new recipes!

Hi and welcome to new recipe Sunday. Today I would like to share with you not 1, but 2 recipes that I tried out this past weekend. Sorry, no pictures as we were too busy cooking and eating! Both recipes got great reviews and doggie bags were taken home by all the families!

Recipe 1

Spicy Grilled Corn Salad with Black Beans and Queso Fresco

you can find this recipe at 

Recipe 2

Carne Asada

you can find this recipe at simply

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ronald Mac Donald House in Berlin

Check this out---the cake I made for the American Womans Club Generation Bingo Event was featured in the newsletter of the Ronald Mac Donald House!!!!

Now how cool is that?

I am not a big volunteer person, but the one charity I do try to help support through being a member of the American Womans Club is the Ronald Mac Donald House. So many families are able to find comfort and help by living in this house when their child is fighting an illness at the Charite just down the road. At one visit, there were 2 little ones waiting for a new heart---tears come to my eyes when I think about those 2 children, the one boy we met--such a good looking little boy. I had left the house that evening so frustrated and upset with my then 15 year old, I returned to my home grateful that my obnoxious teenager is a healthy one.

Good Food, great friends....

Today I would like to share with you a tablescape that I put together for a dinner party with dear friends.

Our two families have known each other now for almost 22 years. We met back when we lived in Cloppenburg Germany-parted ways for a few years and reconnected when both families moved to the Berlin area.

This past Saturday we invited the family over for a bbq, yes I set the table inside---once again it was raining and cold and enjoying the outdoors was not possible. But we did not let the bad weather damper our spirits--I am sure the neighbors heard us laughing. This dinner was unique in that the families were complete---all 3 boys were at the table with us. Dennis the oldest of the 3 was joined by his girlfriend, a very nice young lady. I wonder what she thought of this crazy bunch?  

Well, back to the tablescape....

The tablecloth comes from a store call Strauss Innovation
The dishes are Rosenthal(and took a hit that night as I broke one and chipped 3 in the process.
The red stemware also was bought at Strauss Innovation
The flowers were a last minute idea--found them at the grocery store when I went to get some last minute items
The cutlery comes from Crate and Barrel
The pitcher is polish pottery

Our Friends, Peter and Sabine...... Thanks for a wonderful evening--so looking forward to the next one

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Our Garden 2012

This morning I spent some time down memory lane looking through some photo albums. One book is dedicated to our garden---wow what a difference a few years have made. I plan to post some of those pictures later, but for now here is a brief look at how are garden looks right now! Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Baked Beans in bacon Cups

Today I would like to share with you a recipe out of a book which is fast becoming my favorite cookbook(sorry Pioneer Woman--till now your book was at the top of my list...), "bite by bite" by Peter Callahan. Oh my......I want to quit my day job and cook my way through this book. In the past I have shared his mini mac and cheese recipe and today its Baked Beans in bacon Cups. Unforunately I did not get a picture of them, as they were eaten within minutes....

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Good Morning! an extreme desire to have to itch the bug bites has me up since 5am! That gives me some time to spend in my garden and simply enjoy the peace and quiet before the craziness a Saturday brings with it begins... wishing you all a great Saturday!

How Sweet the Sound


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