Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July Garden

Today was garden day! It was time to get rid of those nasty weeds, mow the lawn and general clean up! I was out before 8 this morning---I am sure the neighbors loved me!

my beautiful geraniums---thanks to IKEA-----great deal, wish I would have boughtmore

our front steps----tried my best with lots of planters....the construction crew will not be here till the end of August to redo the steps...

okay, now before you think I am off my rocker for having a big stick decorate my front enterance, let me tell you why it is there. My great-nephew Felix was visiting last weekend and he found it in the forest--carried it all the way home himself...He was soo proud to find it and I was pretty amazed too--pretty smart 4 year old!

my favorite this year---the small flower boxes all in white

Hostas....gotta love them

the front yard, freshly cut and reseeded.
(the pond work is not mine to do, so there is no picture of it.....yet

absolutely no idea what this plant is called, but I discovered it blooming the other day and am enjoying the color it adds to our garden

as you can see...someone has been drinking a lot of wine

best deal ever. 2 plants for about 15 euros is as if they are on drugs...growing like crazy!
I look forward to fall when these plants turn shades of orange, yellow and red

lettuce anyone?

purple kohlrabi!

seconds before I took this picture there was a bumble bee buzzing..(hence the reason for the picture) As you can see the bee decided not to stick around for the shot.

love this one! Will get more


ah, more hostas...and Grace´s final resting spot....(Stuart the dog is resting on the other side of the yard)

a small but happy pool

Will.....our guard cat

the man finally got the steps done....well almost done

This  tree was a gift from the Firedepartment band in Cloppenburg. It was sooo tiny when we got it, but now is big and strong

the outdoor kitchen
Summer hurry and get here, so that we can enjoy it

Ah, the husband does not know it yet, but I planted a lavender tree this year. It already smells so good

Happy 4th of July 2013

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