Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Husbands Guide to how to make MY Bed!

 My husband and I have been married now for almost 24 years. And in these 24 years I have been in charge of the housework, the grocery shopping, the child rearing; basically I was the commander in chief. Well, as of June 01, 2013 I have been relieved of my duties...I have been replaced. By who you ask? I can answer that question in two words.....retired husband. I have to admit the change of command has not gone well for either of us. I have yet to hand over the toliet bowl brush nor can I let him go to the grocery store on his own and worst of bed, I am having major issues with the bed.  So, in order to help me make this transtion smoothly I thought I would make my husband a picture tutorial of how to make MY bed! This is to be the first of many tutorials.....

 1. The pillows: to the left you have 2 german style pillows--his. Both pillows to be smooth, straight and even. To the right are the first set of my pillows The large one on the bottom, the smaller one on top, also smooth, straight and even.

 2. The duvets are folded lengthwise and smoothed out.This is of course easier when using freshly ironed sheets, but still with a little patience one can get the duvets pretty smooth. The next set of pillows are placed on the pillows. Each side gets one 40X80 sized pillow. These pillows are positioned over the pillows and duvets

 3. Next step the comforter. In the right top hand corner is the tag and this is a great reminder for the husband, as this tag always needs to be in the right top hand corner of the bed! Time now to smooth out the comforter and to make sure that you have the same amount of material on both sides of the bed.

4. Time for the decorative pillows. Each side gets two. Then the small decorative pillows and the rabbit get strageically placed in the top middle section of the bed. The two german pillows you see in the right bottom corner are always to be white pillow cases.


Now just a few pictures of how NOT to make the bed. This drives me crazy when I find the bed in this condition!

What do you think? Do I have a chance? Will he understand? :)

Happy Sunday Evening Everyone!

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