Saturday, November 16, 2013

The year in review....part one

As I write this post, it is the 16th of November.....10:30am......HOW can it already be the 16th of NOvember? Already I feel the pressure and the stress of the holidays upon me and I hate that. THe advent season is to be one of peace, happiness, joy, etc., why is it that I am already counting the days till it is all over? I used to love the holidays....I decorate on thanskgiving, I drive my family crazy with christmas music, I write my christmas letter and make homemade treats for friends and family. Last year I only managed the decorating, this year I fear that I will not even manage that. Who are what is to blame? The job only in part as I am gone most of the day, but I do think I can blame my job alone. With every year I feel like I am sinking deeper and deeper into a big dark hole. So tell me, how do I get out of it? Last year I thought the that having the whole family on one side of the ocean for the holidays was reason enough to celebrate and enjoy....did not pan out. And this year, with no vistors to look forward to, I feel like canceling the whole event entirely.

My plea: help me find the Christmas Spirit.........

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