Sunday, April 13, 2014

Run for Respect.......Virtual Run.....

Pontiac Township High School, Pontiac Illinois USA......Berlin Germany 
Virtual Run for Respect 2014
11 April 

Ready to walk 5K for the Virtual Run for Respect

The starting point....

...and she is off! Walking on the Strasse des 17 Juni

...walking towards the Siegessäule(Victory Column)

"Run for Respect" walker sited at the Victory Column(located in Berlin, the capital of Germany

The park is amazing.....we are lucky in so many ways

here is a map, showing just a part of this large park which is located in the middle of the city

...nordic walking is serious stuff

The Brandenburg Gate
(view from the west)

This shows where the city was divided for so long. This path runs along the entire way where the WALL used to stand

Sucessfully walked 5 K for the Virtual Run for Respect

The United States Embassy ( I was lucky enough to get to work there)

The Siegessäule....the victory Column.  We insiders call her the Chick on the Stick!
Here is hoping that the Run for Respect was a a complete success. Congratulations to everyone for taking part.

Awesome time!

Mike, my son and photographer. He got up  on his first day of easter  break to be my own personal photographer. How lucky am I?

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