Tuesday, August 11, 2015

3 Weddings and....... no funeral

Wow has this been a summer..........3 Weddings!!!!

You read correctly.....we celebrated 3 Weddings in our immediate family this summer.

The first wedding was in June....my mother, at a young age of 84 married her first love Hannes. We were all not able to attend this wedding, but were with those who were in spirit!

The second wedding took place in June in Hamburg-Norderstedt. There my nephew Niki married his beautiful bride Isabella. I had my doubts about a wedding at a beach bar/restaurant, but wow what a great day! The weather played along, my wedding cake made it one piece despite the golf cart ride it had to take and even my great-nephew Jacob was the perfect baby.

The third wedding took place the end of July in Bethen in the Marien Basillica. A special church for our family. I was married in this church, along with the bride´s sister, and both sets of grandparents!

The photo box was a hit at both weddings...

So you see, I have been M.I.A. for some very good reasons....... As summer is coming to an end, I am getting myself psyched for a great fall full of work and lots of adventures........

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