Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Brunch at the Ronald Mac Donald House...Berlin Wedding

As many of you know by now, I am a volunteer at the Ronald Mac Donald House in Berlin-Wedding. I just recently celebrated my one year anniversary as a volunteer! Well, at Easter we volunteers prepare a Easter Sunday Brunch for the Families. When I was asked if I would help coordinate the event, I said sure! I was ever so slightly intimated by the thought of preparing a buffet for 40 people...but, I with a great team I had nothing to worry about. On Easter Saturday we diced, sliced and peeled and prepped. Then on Easter Sunday,  I got up at the crack of dawn...picked up the fresh rolls and met Oli and HOlger at the house to set up! The time I spent at the house preparing this event was awesome...we were a great crew and as always, the best was seeing the faces of the families when they came into the dining room and saw the dad took pictures of me and my crew, another ran upstairs to get his camera to take pictures of the food! Oliver and I spent some time chatting with the familes....I was lucky enough to meet Romy from Romy´s Helfende Elfen... She is a sweet little girl who received a new heart in 2013. She was back in the hospital due to a lung infection but got to come to the house(where her mom is staying) to enjoy the Sunday Brunch! What a sweet little girl..... and what a courageous mom.

 Holger prepared some great platters

now check out that buffet!

Hummus...soooo very good


Quiche, Salad, chicken wings and sooo much more


The Sunday Morning Easter Brunch Crew!

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