Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

Have been absent from blog world, but not from life! This past week my mother was here to visit and so I had not much time to take care of my blog. We had big plans for the week she was here, but the weather, oh that cold weather canceled all plans.SO-we spent a week at home, knitting, sewing and reminiscing! The week went by very quickly-as it always does.

Our friends, who we have been helping move are now one week in their new house! Boxes are still everywhere, but I think they are happy and relieved to be this far. The outside still looks like a war zone, but it is winter and nothing more can be done till spring.

this past Friday was report card day and the start of winter break. Here in Berlin we get one week at the end of January for SKI VACATION as they call it! Mike´s report was okay-he raised his french grade from a 5- to a 4 which we are all very happy about! In other classes--- well let ´s say he needs to study this coming semester! At the moment Mike is vacationing in Cloppenburg, by Bremen. His godmother and aunt and uncle live there, plus lots of friends from years ago when we are selves lived there. I am enjoying the "time off" from momhood, by cleaning out closets and reorganizing the house! And of course updating the blog!-I have great pictures for Tablescape Thursday, Foodie Friday and Pink Saturday!

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