Thursday, January 14, 2010

Will and Grace

Will and Grace got a new toy this evening! After 2 years of buying all sorts of cat toys I FINALLY found the right one! Should have bought 2 of these-they fought over it! I do believe the two of them got a little high!


  1. What beautiful cats! I've enjoyed visiting your blog today. I am participating in PINK SATURDAY at Beverly's How Sweet the Sound blog and saw your blog on the list. But I couldn't find your PINK SATURDAY????

    If you have a chance, come by and visit
    Look at Thursday's post "Big Cats" for pictures of my little striped cat.

  2. I came via Pink Saturday, could not find it, but these kitties stole my heart!

  3. have been out all day helping friends pack out-but will post something pink later this eveing!

  4. Your kitties are beautiful. Looks like they're having fun!



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