Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Evening

Hello Everyone!

I have been absent this week-please forgive.  this was just not my week and I can not explain why.

This afternoon I watched the movie Julia and Julie---what a great movie. An inspirational one for me. Now, do not panic- I do not plan to to copy Julie and blog about a cookbook and I am reading. It just got me thinking--I have the time I should take advantage of it and start cooking/baking more. It is something I enjoy-so what is stopping me? And it is not just the cooking-but I love to scrapbook and needlepoint.  So, I am going to try to do my best and follow my dreams-for the moment here within my home-then the world!!

Our Grace is doing fine at the moment. She has gone a week now without throwing up. For those of you who do not know-she is our cat(one of them) and she suffers from chronic gastritis. I have been combing the web for recipes so that I can make my own cat food, and for advice on how to treat her. This has proven to be very confusing. One web site suggests pepto bismol-the next says that Pepto is deadly for a cat. Then one site suggests baby food-the next warns against it. Then there are homopathic medicines-but where do I get those here in germany? I hoping that she will be okay with the diet food for the moment as I still need to do more research. Her brother Will is his usual healthy self. Both are more than ready to get back outside to start chasing birds again! It has been a long winter-time for spring

Happy Sunday to everyone

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