Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sunflower time

Wow, Thursday already?  I thought when school started I would have more time, but somehow I am still running at full speed! I guess that is better than being bored, right!!!! This tablescape came to be, because of a trip to my local florist! I saw these flowers and just had to have a bouquet of my own. By the time I got home, I had the idea planted firmly in my head and went straight to work! Thanks to my new friend Kim, I was able to take pictures to post here.

I hope you all get a chance to stop by susan´s at:

to check the many pretty tablescapes featured this week.

While gazing at all the tablescapes, I found some more sunflowers! go to:

to enjoy a sunflower breakfast!


  1. Isn't it fun to start with one thing, like your pretty flowers, and let it inspire the rest of the table! I love the contrast of the orange and blue, and that flatware is so unusual! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the color contrasts of your table, very pretty.

  3. The serpentine fabric design is very effective in drawing the eye along your tablescape. The colors combination is great, and I think that your flowers are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay



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