Friday, October 15, 2010

Hold on to your spoon-the best is yet to come!

Hold on to your spoon, the best is yet to come!
Michele, a friend of mine told me about that saying and I love it! It is soo true-desert is always the best. As some of you know, last night I had my first in home catering event. Thanks to everyone for the good thoughts and votes of confindence-the eveing was 99.99999% a success! In the coming weeks I will be posting more about this event and to start you off I will be sharing with you desert! So grab a spoon and enjoy!

Nicki´s Lava Cake Supreme

Chocolate Cupcakes--recipe of your choice(I used my sisters Devils Food Cake)
Hot Fudge Sauce--again your choice--either homemade as I did, or store bought)

Vanilla Ice Cream--homemade or store bought
Hard Shell

Game Plan:

A week in advance I baked the chocolate cupcakes in a jumbo muffin pan and made the hot fudge sauce. I found a great, simple recipe on . Once the cupcakes cooled off, I turned them upside down, dug a well and filled with sauce. I froze them right up to desert time.

The fudge-filled, frozen cupcakes are "nuked" for 45 seconds in the microwave. Of course this time can vary depending on your microwave. Then I top it off with one scoop of vanilla ice cream and the Hard Shell. Add a side of fresh strawberries-and you have yourself a great desert.

I have served this desert to various groups, and it has always, always been a sucess. I wonder how it would taste if it was a cappaciouno cupcake with coffee ice cream?

Be sure to stop and visit other Foodies featureed at: has some great halloween cookies to share this week

redcouchrecipes has the coolest cupcakes for us to enjoy

Have a happy weekend everyone and if you are looking for that java pick me up, please check out my post from last week about turkisch coffee

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