Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Slowly getting back on track

Hello Everyone!

I have been absent for awhile, due to major vertigo issues and a long recovery. Good news-MRI shows everything is okay! Dr.´s say I need to totally relax to recover. Next week I will also start reflexology--hoping that will help. I also have purchased a light therapy lamp--Dr.´s orders. They say it helps against the winter blues from which I suffer every winter. November is such a gray, gray month plus it gets dark so early now. Well anyhow, I am slowly getting over the dizziness-even decorated a cake yesterday.

Tomorrow I leave for Cloppenburg(about 4 hours away from me) to prepare the 80th birthday celebration of my mom. She is in germany visiting and we decided a thanksgiving dinner would be a great way to celebrate her 80 years.

Here´s to getting back on track, enjoying the holidays and happy blogging

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