Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sometimes simple is good

Sometimes simple is good---or just a sign that this blogger is once again under the weather. The past 2 weeks I have been out of commission with vertigo issues. It seems the equilibrium in my right ear is destroyed. So after 3 hospital visits-I am now on medication and getting better. Gosh I hope I never experience that again-it was like being on a roller coaster that was going in 8 different directions. Thus, the reason for my table being so utterly simple this week. Just a table cloth I inherited from my mom. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day--thanksgiving is just around the corner!!!

be sure to stop by Between Naps on the Porch for more wonderful tablescapes!


  1. I am SO sorry to hear you've been suffering with that crazy vertigo!!! My Mom gets it really bad from time to time, and she is unable to function at all. I get it occasionally, and I just want to sleep. Little things like jumping up and down can trigger it. It's just horrible, and I'm really bummed to hear you've been dealing with it for a full 2 weeks. I hope you get to feeling better very soon...especially before Thanksgiving Day! Take care!

  2. Hope you're feeling better in time to enjoy the holidays! Best wishes.

  3. Oh, dear! I get vertigo from time to time. Hasn't ever been as bad as the spells I had over the first 6 months, but it can come back. I can't imagine having it for 2 solid weeks. When I am physically worn down it will kick up. So watch out - as if you can slow down over the holidays.

    Try to enjoy Thanksgiving.

  4. Oh my, I HATE to be's why I never was much of a drinker. I am so sad that you have been under the weather. I'm glad to see that you sense of determination and humor are very much intact. I hope that you continue to improve. Your mom's cloth is so things are the best. Cherry Kay



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