Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I´ll have a green Christmas....

This year, while out shopping with 2 visiting girlfriends I came across little green sparkly Santa guessed it, I was inspired! I bought the last 6 I could get (how I wish I could have bought more!) and upon returning home I started to create our 2011 Advent Table!

The glass chargers ( a gift from Mary ) are from the Nachtman Crystal Company

The green wrapping paper that is being used as a tablecloth comes from one of my favorite stores-Strauss Inovation (an after Christmas Sale in 2010!)

The white dishes are my wedding dishes from the Rosental Company.  I love these dishes--we were lucky enough to get a near complete set when we got married---22 years ago!

The silver napkin rings are from another favorite store of mine-Nanu Nana---and get this the first time I saw them on sale they were 50 cents, when I went back a few days later they were only 25 cents!!!

Happy New Year Everyone---I look forward to many wonderful and inspiring tablescapes this year!

Between Naps On The Porch


  1. Dein huge green ornament habe ich in rot... :)

  2. Love the green, it really sets the table off with a festive tone. Your green Santa boots are really cute. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What fun those sparkly Santa boots add to the table! I like the way you echoed that lovely green in all the other table elements. The centerpiece looks great -- modern and festive!

  4. Hi Nicki,
    I really giggled when I saw your Santa boots. Those are amazingly cuties!!!

    Your home reminds of my old house. Very German/Swedish way of living.

    Hope you had a great NY...

    Wishes from Stockholm,

  5. How adorable! You had a great find, and a wonderfully creative use for them!



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