Friday, February 24, 2012

Cupcake Friday!

You know, Julia Child´s Cookbook has been tackeled, even the Pioneer Woman´s Cookbook has been taken on by hobby cooks.
So, I decided to take on Martha Stewarts Cupcake Book! !
My Goal: to bake my way through Martha´s Cupcake Book without gaining a gazillion pounds! No, seriously my goal is simply to relax and enjoy baking lots of cupcakes!
My taste testers: friends, family, and co-workers.

Week One:  Chocolate Chip Cupcakes 
with a Dark Chocolate Frosting

The recipes can be found at

The Key to sucess? The Kitchen Aid best friend in the kitchen.

Look at those egg whites!!!

Ready for the oven!!

The finished product! Time for delivery to my taste testers!

And what did my taste testers have to say?

Matt to Adriana: “ I will give a million bucks for the last cupcake”
Adriana: “I think the cupcakes had me at the first bite. In the history of cupcakes I have never eaten all the frosting. It was like its own dessert on top.”
Paul; “Yes, if you have anything else you need to test out, just let me know.”

Happy Foodie Friday Everyone--See you all tomorrow!

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