Sunday, July 15, 2012

Oma´s 90th

Well, only 16 more days...then my mother in law hits the big 90!! As many know my mother in law is not my best friend, but she is a good person and was always eager to help where she could. Since September of last year, she is living in an apartment in assisted living. For awhile we thought we were going to lose her, but thanks to some wonderful doctors in a clinic in Osnabrück, we got her back. It turns out, it was the meds that were messed up. So, I started planning a 90th birthday!

Most of the planning and prep work is done, except for the baking, which of course can not be done yet. If all goes well, I will be baking the cakes and cupcakes in my nieces new kitchen, or my sisters which just happens to be right around the corner!

Today I made the toppers for the cupcakes. I am falling in love with my cricut. I had actually bought for cake decorating, but since that is not working out to well I have been using it instead for scrapbook and paper crafts. Here is a first peak at the decorations for the cupcakes.

Be sure to stop by in a few weeks for more on this big day. And  then you all better come by in 10 years when we celebrate the big 100! I am telling you all this woman just might hit that milestone.

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