Sunday, December 2, 2012

a wonderful surprise

What a wonderful surprise I found in my mailbox this morning---a package for me! Now,you are probably wondering; mail on Sunday? Of course that was not the case, we just didn´t check the mailbox yesterday! And, I am sort of glad we waited till today, because I was having a blue day and this package put a great big smile on my face. We used to live in cloppenburg where we had the best landlords one could ask for. Berni and Lisa were not only our landlord, but also my second set of parents. Their oldest daughter Gaby lives in Berlin and recently we all were able to sit down and have dinner together. Well, the package was from them! 3 handmade wooden mushrooms(Berni is a carpenter), made from a tree out of Gaby´s backyard! Double good! This package once again reminds me that I have family and friends scattered allover this world and that distance does not stop me from feeling so very loved by all of them.

Although, not pink I still wanted to share this picture with you on this Pink Saturday

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