Saturday, April 6, 2013

Organisational Saturday

Okay, so I have told you all about the serious addictions I have( the cookbooks being the worst ) Well, it seems I would also have a slight addiction to Christmas bulbs......I have them in all colors! And just when i think I have found a container large enough, my sister brings me another bag full and says you left these at my house! SO, today I decided it was high time to get my bulbs organized.! Thank you Mr. IKEA for once again lending a helping hand.

Red, my favorite color...good for Christmas, Valentines Day and 4th of July

Orange(go Illini), believe it or not, I found these bulbs at IKEA one Christmas Season along with black ones which you will see later on in this post

Baby these from Shelby! She had bought these on sale thinking she would have a blue Christmas one year

Silver and Gold......

The little ones, the misc color ones and yes the black from IKEA!

All packed up in the largest IKEA container I could find!

a side view

Thankfully the lid stays on... 


Label on ....ready for storage!

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