Thursday, April 4, 2013

Returning to Blog World

Wow, it happened to me got a hold of me and before I knew it the month April arrived in full force, bringing with it more cold and snow..... Yes you read right, we are still "enjoying" winter here in Berlin. I am so ready for spring and garden work....time to enjoy the great outdoors again.

This Easter my niece and her family came to visit. My nephew in law can paint, so he brought his brushes with and gave my kitchen and hallway a makeover. WOW, it looks so cool now.. I can not wait to show you all the pictures...which I will do in another post. This post is dedicated to my great niece and nephew. I may be just a touch biased, but i think these are the two cutest kids around.  Counting the days till I get to spend time with them again.


bubble bath angel wings

Felix and Clara expierence their first Easter american style!


Look what I can do!

Felix enjoys some TV time

Clara and Felix at the East Side Gallery

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