Sunday, December 8, 2013

Party Soup!

Greetings Everyone and welcome back to New Recipe Sunday. I know I know, I have been absent from blog world for awhile, but with good reason! I have been spending a lot of time back in Cloppenburg with family and friends....gathering lots of new recipes to share with all of you.

This Sunday I am going top tell you about what is called "Oven Party Soup". This is by far the easiest and quickest soup I have ever made. I was introduced to this recipe by my girlfriend Petra, who made it for her birthday party. So that you understand how easy this soup is, Petra threw it together, in between taken care of her three children, cleaning house and getting ready for her house guest--me!


1 kilo turkey filet
2 large onions, cubed
1 small can of peas, with juices
1 small can of pineapple, cubed and with juices
1 glass of tomato-bell pepper with juices
1 small can of corn with juices
1 small can of mushrooms without juices
1 small bottle of catsup
1 small bottle of Sauce(I used Zigeunersauce/GyspySauce)
1 small bottle of curry catsup
500 ml of cream
250 ml of water

Place all ingredients in the casserole as they are listed. Oven should be at 200° C and this wonderful, easy soup will be ready for your guests in 150 minutes!

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by, hope to see you all again next Sunday.

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