Sunday, August 24, 2014

Happy Sunday Everyone! I am just done with the kitchen.....Thanks to my thermomix we had a great dinner......even got the cats seal of approval. You will understand more when you see the pictures.

 I was just in the process of taking some pictures for the blog, when I had to step away for a minutes. Will our adorable feline family member used this chance wisely....... least he left me the rice and veggies......

Please forgive the blurry picture, I was just a tad upset with him....     :)

 Putenschnitzel mit Tomate und Mozzarella, Tomatenreis und Sommergem├╝se
 leicht gemacht im Thermomix

Turkey Schnitzel with tomato and mozzerella with a side of rice and veggies.

 This was sooo easy. Please go to the following website for the recipe. For those of you who need the recipe in English, just drop me a note and I will translate for you. By the way...the tomatoes are from my garden! Thanks Petra for the tomato plants!

Happy New Recipe Sunday Everyone

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