Friday, February 19, 2016

Christmas Take 3....

Okay, Okay...I know....

I promise this is the last Christmas week I will be semi-back on track!

This tablescape is extra special to me, because of my dishes that I received as a gift from my niece and nephew here in Germany. I am one lucky Auntie..... I was overwelmed when I unpacked 4 large boxes.....I have a complete setting for 12! It includes,  lunch and dinner plates, soup bowl and soup plates, coffee and tea cups and serving dishes!!!!!

The stemware you have seen before.......a gift from Irene and Chris

and yet another new husband and I argue if it is for wine or cognac....   
This was a special gift from Heinke and Thorsten.

And in memory of my mom.....The wooden figur used to sit on our radio in the house I grew up in.

Do the place card holders look familar? They are from my niece Heidi´s Wedding

The napkin ring holders come from my friend Kirstina... I am pretty sure that they are not meant to be napkin holders....but it works!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend.....Mine will be a busy  one filled with baking, exercising and working in the ice cream parlor....yes I have a new job! Very grateful

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  1. Your photos suggest that the atmosphere was so romantic and pleasant. Perfect serving!



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