Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Still here.........

2016 has been to put it mildly going by at rapid high speed.......every night I keep saying to myself that tomorrow "I will be on top of everything" and then another day goes by and I am still crawling my way up to the top. Do you feel like that too sometimes?

There is soo much I would like to do, soo many things I need to do and yet after a busy day at my new job....which I truly love and would not want to miss, I fall into bed exhausted.

My...I would like to DO List

1. READ all the new books I bought
2. actually read Fridays Book Club Book
3. BBQ in our outdoor kitchen
4. plant my herb garden
5. ride my bike for hours
6. scrapbook(3 projects are just waiting to be finished/started
7. Sew the pillow covers using my mom´s clothes(my mom passed away in November and the pillows are to be gifts for my nieces and nephew)

My...I need to do DO List

1. Finish the laundry
2. IRon
3. mop the floors
4. plan a menue for the week and actually follow it
5. clean the basement

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