Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Potato Bread-Kartoffelbrot

Happy Foodie Friday Everyone...hard to believe it is the middle of May already. It is so cold here in Germany--only in the 50´s. We have tried to have some bbq´s ....but not so much fun when the Grillmeister has to stand alone at the grill while the rest are inside! Hopefully it will warm up soon. In the mean time I have been trying out recipes in my test kitchen!

This week  Cynthia Barcomi´s Potato Bread......

For more information on Cynthia Barcomi please check out her website at:

or her Blog at:

The Breads in the oven---now it is time to wait-----!!!

Finished!!! This Bread was really good-it got a stamp of approval from the family!! Will definitely being baking this bread recipe again. 


  1. Oh how wonderful! This bread is also fantastic GRILLED with a bit of olive oil, some garlic and coarse salt - you'll never look back. So glad the bread turned out so well for you. Try it as a grilled cheese sandwich as well, for those COLD May days!

    Warm regards and keep up the good baking!

    xxx Cynthia

  2. What wonderful bread! Yum.... I enjoyed the post about the orange plates. So glad you didn't limit them to Halloween. They are stunning and make a beautiful table.

  3. My kids love potato bread! Thanks for walking us through the process.




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