Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A special guest this Tabelscape Thursday

Greetings Everyone! Guess what the sun is shining and it is slowly getting warmer. Yes, I am obsessed with the weather here in Kleinmachnow Germany.

I have a friend on FB, who posted some pictures of a holiday dinner party last Christmas. I saw these pictures and became a fan of the person who set this table. It was elegant-not pretentious- simply down to earth beautiful. I needed to know more! So I wrote to my friend Kim and asked her all about it. She confessed that she was not the author of this Tablescape but a friend of hers- Claudia. She kindly passed on my request to feature the table here at Tablescape Thursday. YES! Claudia said sure and emailed me the pictures and some information on the how´s and the why´s.

So, sit back and enjoy this Tablescape Thursday, kindly hosted as always by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch.

The wine glasses are all flea market finds and are called “Römer Glaser”. They are German and date from the 50’s to 70’s. You do not find these at every flea market-but the "hunt" for these treasures is of course part of the fun. As Claudia wrote to me in her email, "I do believe that if you have a limited budget collecting things are more fun and exciting as you need to work harder and it generally brings you to markets and shops that you would never generally go into."

Claudia found the colored glassware at various second hand "bazaars" here in Berlin. These bazaars offer items really cheap and you can find the most fabulous things. She mentioned to me that it was her love of glass that inspired her to buy some of the individual items. Once home, she grouped them together, put tea lights in and was amazed at the effect-as one can see from the pictures. Over time her collection has grown!

Flea Markets are great places to find things and when you start to mix and match you create something wonderful.

I think I will close this post for today-so that I can go check out those stores that Claudia shops at!!!!

Once again many thanks to Claudia for sharing this beautiful Tablescape with me. I hope I will be able to share more of her designs with you in the future.

See you all next week!


  1. It is SO beautiful. I adore the color and what fun to be able to look at all the pretty glassware while dining.

  2. Wow, what a fun colorful centerpiece! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Those wine goblets are gorgeous! So colorful! Very pretty, thanks for sharing and thanks to Claudia!

  4. I love all the color! Those goblets are gorgeous, your table reminds me of our Foreign Exchange student from Berlin. Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. Wow...I can just see that with the lights turned out...gorgeous with all that color!

  6. This is soooooo pretty -- now I'll want to try this with the colors of votive and tealight holders. Beautiful!



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