Wednesday, July 14, 2010

BBQ for vips

Help Everyone--my husband has invited 3 of his co-workers plus wives to our house for a bbq. I can put a bbq-have done many in the past-but this one has to be over the top! So I am asking for suggestions on what to serve, how to set the table, what kind of cocktails to serve, what to wear!!! Simply Everything. I promise to post pictures and document the entire adventure.

Looking forward to any ideas you may have

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  1. The only thing I can think of, after seeing your follow-up post with the menu, is to possible offer a lighter dessert choice as well. Something my mother used to make is to take an angel food cake, and slice it into 4 layers. Get a small container of 3 different flavors of sherbet (orange, lime and raspberry make a good combo. Freeze the cake 'layers' individually. Soften the first flavor of sherbet till you can kind of stir it, then spread it on the bottom layer of the cake and stick it back in the freezer. Repeat with the other 2 flavors on the two middle layers. When all are frozen, stack them & put the top layer on top (obviously!) It's sweet, it's light and delicious. I call it a rainbow angel food cake. That's just a thought. You can make it ahead of time & keep it frozen. (I just saw in another post you mentioned Mexican ice cream - is that the one with a hint of cinnamon in it? I served that at a Mexican meal once and it was a big hit. Here in Texas, Blue Bell creamery makes that especially for Mexican restaurants). Leslie Anne



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