Friday, July 23, 2010

The Best Guacomole ever!!

As many of you already know-I am totally loving the Pioneer Womans Cookbook! So, for the Foodie Friday I would like to tell you about her guacamole and pico del gallo!

The Ingredients: Ripe Avacodos, Red Onions and Roma Tomatoes

Such a simple recipe-yet oh so good! You mash up the guacamole with some salt-no worries about clumps--the more clumps the better! The pico del gallo is just equal amounts of red onion, cilantro and roma tomatoes with a touch of fresh lime juice. You mix the ingredients together and then add the pico del gallo to the guacomole and you are ready for some really good stuff!! 

For more on the pioneer woman-check out her  website/blog at

Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. I really enjoy dishes made with fresh ingredients. And this seems pretty easy to make. Thanks for sharing and Happy Foodie Friday!

  2. I love quacamole and salsa in the summer...well, anytime, really. PW's recipe sounds wonderful and simple. I wish I had a mezzaluna like yours!



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