Sunday, December 26, 2010

christmas thoughts

Well, it is the 26th--already 8:30pm. The kitchen/living room/dining room are all cleaned up-and I am exhausted!!! Where does the time go...... All year you think about this holiday season and then in a blink of an eye is over....and the wait for Santa begins again. As I sit here and enjoy just one more glass of vino, I can not help but think of all my friends who are far away. :(
Oh how I miss them ALL. I know I should feel blessed for having soo many good friends and family, but I right now all I want is for them all to be here with me--sharing the last drops of vino.
I hope everyone had a happy christmas and that as I you were able to share the days with friends and family.
I look forward to 2011--with the hopes that I will be able to see friends, be they near or far, often.
Good Night Everyone!

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