Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2 little boys, one cute out and 16 years in between!

My girlfriend has beautiful children. The oldest Phillip is in 1st grade and is a Stars Wars Fan. Number 2 is Sofia, she turns four soon and is all girl! And then there is Frank Josef-6 months and the cutest-happiest baby I have seen, well since my son was born 16 years ago. (okay okay, of course my nieces, nephew and great niece and nephew were too the cutest babies) but Frank has something that I just can not  put my finger on. Sometimes I get in my car, drive 25 minutes just to take him in arms-- my Frank Fix as I call it.

Now to the reason I am telling you all this.....

This past week, due to lousy weather I went up into the attic to finally organize, went to Ikea got lots of containers and I started to purge as best I could. And I was doing great till I came upon the suitcases with the baby clothes. As I went through the shirts, the onesies, the little socks and shoes I came accross the gymboree outfits that my sister had given to me. Wow, 16 years later these outfits are in perfect condition there was no way I could just give these to good will. And then I though of Frank--hoping he would be able to wear the  outfits. And as you can see in the pictures below he does!!!!! I love the outfit he has on today---have a picture of my son Mike wearing it too--both boys smiling away.

My son Mike Josef Steven, picture was taken in April 1996

and Frank Josef, picture from today June 2012!

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