Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Day!

Okay, before anyone says anything---I know the table cloth is way too long and very NOT ironed!!! But we were in a hurry and I did not want my nephew-in-law to have to iron on Christmas! By the way that is Timo in the back round---quickly getting some pictures before the gang stormed through the door!

Love the wall unit in the belonged to an aunt of ours and I am soooo happy that my niece gets to enjoy it!

The pretty Christmas dishes are from IKEA!

Oh, I do believe these are my favorite of all my decorations!


Recognize the lantern? Ikea of course and the best part, they have them in lots of colors!

Christmas was a hetic, crazy season this year. The whole family got spent the holidays together in Cloppenburg. All 17 of us! It was the first time in like forever that the entire family sat around a beautiful Christmas Tree.


  1. Your table is beautiful! It's great that everyone can be at the same table! I always have to put tables in different rooms!

  2. The table looks wonderful, love the little red lanterns and of course the beautiful star dishes, they are so perfect for this wonderful feast...thank you for sharing your tablescape with the tree in the pretty...

  3. I'm so glad I'm not the only one sharing Christmas t'scapes this week! It is always interesting to see the inventive ways people come up with to seat multiple family members for Christmas Dinner at one table and I enjoyed seeing yours. Those glitter Santa boots and red lanterns make the perfect centerpiece stretching down the table. Wish I could get some of those "star" dishes - they would be perfect for any celebration, not just Christmas!




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