Monday, September 3, 2012

Something old, something blue.....

As many already know, this has been the year of "helping friends and family move". Well, it actually started last fall when my mother in law moved into an assisted living apartment. The next 3 moves followed this summer(but that is a story for another day) Anyhow...... While cleaning out my mother in laws house, I came accross her many tablecloths and while I can not use them in my house as she had a round table, I can use them outside for when we want to set a semi-formal table. Which is what I finally got around to trying out today. Not as many pictures as I would have liked, still so much to learn with my camera and what settings to use.

Of course my good china was used. Still love this pattern from Rosental--so bummed that I can not get in anymore.

The teapot was a wedding gift from one of my favorite aunts! She and I would always drink tea when I came to visit.

The blue candles are nothing fancy, but the candelabra is!

The blue cake plate comes from Poland. Oh how I love to go shopping for polish pottery


  1. What a lovely table setting! I would love to have lunch in that beautiful place! Life to the full, Melissa

  2. This is an absolutely calm place.

    Love your cakestand. So simple and so pretty.
    Simply the best,indeed.

    Greetings from a chilly Stockholm.



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