Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It must be Tuesday

Good Morning Everyone!

I am afraid the Wii Fit will be lonely this morning-I have other things to do! This morning the American Womans Club is going to have  a  Meet and Greet at the home of Lisa Maurus. I am making a fruit platter and hopefully cinnabons. There was a slight glitch in the cinnabon making process---you see I usually program my bread machine the night before to do all the work for me--well I programmed it for noodle dough instead of just the dough cycle---SO, off to the "pooper" that went and i started from scratch. Here´s praying all will work out. If it does-pictures on Foodie Friday!

This afternoon I have some cake work to do(yea-it looks like I might be getting legal! Well, so far as that I can cook/bake in my clients home-that would be awesome. That would mean that I can finally advertise!

After what will hopefully be a nice day, I get to end it with a visit to the dentist. It seems she has found a tooth that needs a root canal-plus I still have that implant that needs a crown. From now until the end of November I am going to the dentist a total of 8 times! REALLY?

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