Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pumpkin Time

Welcome to  Buschamnn/Winkelmann Spargelhof in Klaistow. This is where I go with my family to buy our pumpkins! There is so much more to do than just buy pumpkins. There is of course the Pumpkin Festivities--every year the people at Buschmann/Winklemann create all sorts of statues using pumpkins-truly a site to see. When you are done looking at pumpkins, stop in the Hof restaruant for something to eat and drink. During the pumpkin season you can get various dishes all made from pumpkin. For the children and the young at heart there is a wonderful playground and of course there is a petting zoo and a shoppe where I always find something I need!!

How to get there:
Aus Richtung Osten / Berlin ZentrumA 10 aus Richtung Frankfurt/Oder bis zum Dreieck Potsdam Hier in Richtung Hannover/Hamburg, weiter auf der A 10, fahren Dann die Ausfahrt Glindow/Klaistow nehmen und nach links in Richtung Klaistow abbiegen Nach ca. 1 km liegt auf der rechten Seite unsere Halle (mit Fachwerkgiebel)

From Berlin:

A10 till Dreieck Potsdam---take the exit Hannover/Hamburg(you stay on the A10---then take the exit Glindow/Klaistow and turn left towards Klaistow. App.1 km down the road you will find the Hof on the right side!

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  1. wow, those are some awesome pictures. Thanks for posting them.



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