Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy Hour

Where to start? I guess I need to go back to my high school days..... i was your typical band geek and for the post part went through the 4 years under the radar. Unlike me, though there  was a kid named Kirk who took the percussion section by storm. I was a junior when Kirk entered high school, so we were only 2 years fellow Pontiac High School Band Members. Well, now fast forward about 25 years.... I am living in Berlin Germany and Kirk is living his dream as a musician and teacher in Las Vegas. How did we reconnect? Silly question... FACEBOOK! I know many are not a fan of Facebook  but it has helped me reconnect with many from my past and that makes me happy. Anyhow......Kirk has a friend, Johnny Rivera, also a musician and the two of them have gotten together to host google+ Hangout concerts. There is a large time difference, so while the boys are up early, my day is coming to an end----or you could say my evening is just starting. :) I suggested to the boys that they host a concert on a Friday---Happy Hour Time here in Germany. And so, last Friday on the 12th of October  my wish was granted. I rounded up some of my husbands co-workers, set a "Halloween" Themed Table as it is the season and got busy cooking in the kitchen.

The menu: Mango Shrimp, Stuffed Mushrooms, bbq chicken wings, mini quiches, stuffed jalapenos, mini cheeseburgers,  brownies, and cake pops.

Okay, this pictures was taken well after midnight, so please forgive me, we all do not look our best! Our guests had gone home and family and I enjoyed a bottle of champagne to celebrate my sons 17th birthday

Should you like to take a listen to the concert, here is the link:

Wishing everyone a great day! I am linking to the following:

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  1. Wow, your table looks super cute, I love the black and orange striped boxes and your use of black plates and orange colored foods, and the menu featured so many great party bites! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your table is very festive and the food looks amazing! Looks like a wonderful time with family and friends

  3. The food looks amazing, and the table looks so festive ! What a fun night!
    Thanks so much for linking to Let's Dish!

  4. Your table looks wonderful and the food even better!! Cute set up! Happy birthday to your son!!!

  5. Great Halloween table...the cake pops look yummy!



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