Saturday, October 6, 2012



I guess the most popular "reunion" is the class reunion. But this past Friday I did  not attend one of those, in fact I have been now out of high school for over 30 years(yikes...I am old!) and have not made one of my high school reunions. It is not that I did not want to go, but for one, I live in Berlin Germany, so NOT quite right around the corner from my hometown Pontiac Illinois USA, and secondly, it seems that past reunions always were in the same year as an important family event, for example my dad´s 80th birthday.

The reunion I would like to tell you about today, was with my other set of parents---also known as my landlords from Cloppenburg where we lived for over 10 years. We lived in a great upstairs apartment and our landlords Berni and Lisa, lived downstairs with their 3 daughters and son. Over the course of the 10 years we got to know them well and saw their children, grow into the wonderful adults they are today. The oldest, Gaby also lives with her family here in Berlin--only 20 minutes away from me! In fact, my first nights in this city were spent with Gaby and Detlef. Well, last Thursday I got a call from Gaby asking if we were busy on friday night, her parents were coming into town and she wondered if we would like to get together for dinner.  Instead of going out to dinner, I had them all come over to the house for homemade pizza! Turns out Berni and Lisa were only in town for one evening, and Gaby was kind enough to share  her parents with us! I feel very blessed and honored.

 The bookcases....were built by Berni! I will always treasure this piece of furniture... very blessed to have a Berni Orignal in our home.

the little porcelain pumpkin....found that at IHR in Cloppenburg, you know that store where I get all my great napkins...

Not sure if I told you all about the tablecloth in my last post, but it was made from the curtians that hung in my office when we lived in the apartment in Berni and Lisa´s home!

 I love my colored wine glasses. I found some on ebay and my mom gave me a few of her own! These wine glasses have traveled now from Cloppenburg(where we used to live) to Chicago and now back to Berlin!

The whole gang!

Many thanks for the wonderful flowers and a great evening!


  1. Your fall table is beautiful.
    And how wonderful you were reunited with such special friends!

  2. What a lovely celebration of friends.

    - The Tablescaper



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