Sunday, October 21, 2012

How a stop at the book store can inspire me

Yesterday I made a quick trip to the mall, to go to one of my favorite places: TJ Maxx! This time instead of buying kitchen supplies, I actually spent some time looking through the clothes and found some nice items to wear to work. After my TJMAXX fix, I stopped at the book store and found a book called "111 spots i Berlin that one has to see" Wow, there sure are alot of places I still need to go to and explore, app 109! This afternoon we were able to knock the list down to 108, as we made the trip to Prenzlauer Berg to go the  "Book Forest".  You might have heard of the Book Forest, if not go to "". It really is only a small group of trees, but one small group that is filled with books. You can take a book and replace it with another.....what a cool idea. We put a book in the tree.. it is registered at which means if someone borrows it and logs on, I can track where my book has been. Of course there were some really, really old books which were fun to look at. Turns out I was not the only one donating a foreign language book, I found some books in french and here my husband thought that was a a silly idea.

Wish me luck in my quest to see the remaining 108 spots in Berlin!

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