Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Years Resolutions

Good Morning Everyone!
today I would like to write about new years resolutions. Did you make any for 2011? As always I made a big list!!! So far, I have not been too successful- not a  good sign as it is only the 12th of January, now is it? BUT, that is slowly changing here.
One of my resolutions is to get more exercise. So, yesterday I started with yoga and today is the first day on the treadmill. Thanks Kim, for letting me come and use the treadmill at your house. I am hoping to make this a twice a week thing and then on the other days yoga and other wii fit fun.  As soon as the weather gets better I will go try by best to get outside and walk through the beautiful forest we have here in Kleinmachnow.
Have a happy day everyone---it´´s Wednesday-weekend only a few days away

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  1. Hi Nicki, our crosstrainer we ordered just arrived yesterday... I hope we will use it and that it will not end up as clothes stand... As you can see we have a lot of new year resolutions also.... ;)

    If you need a walking partner in spring time let me know... and we need to set a date for the Royal Garden ;)

    Take care!



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