Saturday, January 15, 2011

Now that is how I like my Saturday nites!

Good Evening Everyone!

this evening we did something different for dinner--well I should say I did something different. I let my family help  me prepare the various appetizers that I wanted to try out.You may laugh-but it is usually me in the kitchen with the guys in front of computers or televisions!! It worked well, the three of us in the kitchen and we now have new appetizers to add to the list!

African Themed Charger Plates---just had to have them!!

Bacon Wrapped Mushrooms

Mini Lamb T-bone Steaks in a rosemary, red wine sauce

the family enjoys a meal together

stuffed mushrooms

even will the cat gets to enjoy the dinner!

Brownie/vanilla ice cream cake with caramel sauce and whipped cream icicng

Be sure to stop by on Tablescape Thursday for more pictures of the table setting and on Foodie Friday for some recipes!

Happy Saturday Night!

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