Sunday, March 7, 2010

A busy Sunday!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

some how the housework never ends and so I find myself once again busy in the house on this cold, but beautiful day. The kitchen is clean, the beds made and most importantly-the aquarium is clean. What a job-but with the help of the husband we were done quickly. Now the fish are happy and resting. 

Where did this week go? The days seem to go by in warp speed!!! As ever week, this one had its ups and downs. The downer-was getting a tooth pulled. The upper-was spending the day in the city with some visiting friends. We explored the Pergamun Museum-my favorite of all the museums here in Berlin. Will post pictures later.

My son left on the 8th grade ski trip yesterday at 6am! We had to be at school at 5:30am-wow and that on a Saturday. Excitement was in the air-these kids were ready to go. The 8th grade ski trip is a tradition at the John F. Kennedy School in Berlin. They have been dreaming of this trip since first grade!!!! I had asked our child to call on occasion-his reply-that is for babies!!! Needless to say he called 5 times yesterday! As I write it is shortly after one pm-I wonder what they are doing right now. Too bad there is no web cam at the resort! We look forward to the next phone call.

The snow is as good as gone here in Kleinmachnow. I have enjoyed this cold, snow filled winter but am now more than ready for spring. The garden looks so pitiful in winter-I am anxious to get started outside. Our cats-Will and Grace are already exploring the great outdoors. They have been cooped up inside for the most part this winter, missing their friends!

I hope everyone is having a great Sunday-weather doing housework or relaxing! See you all on Thursday-for Tablescape Thursday hosted by Inbetween Naps on the Porch, Friday- Foodie Friday and of course for Pink Saturday!

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