Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Years Day TableScape

A few years ago we opted to celebrate New Years Day instead of New Years Eve. We spent the evening doing all the prep work-which was a great way to pass the time till midnight! The idea for the tablescape was born when I found the gift bags on sale at Sellgros(the german version of Costco or Sams) and the black candles at the dollar store!!! The rest of the table decorations came from my "little shoppe of horrors" as I loving call my store room!!! The pictures do not do the table justice-it really was pretty-the guest loved it and that was the main thing!

Dishes: Rosenthal (our weddin gift some 20 years ago)

Silverware: Crate and Barrel 

Silver Trees: Karstadt ( german department store-where I also found them on sale!)

Crystal Candelsticks: Waterford Crystal-my pride and joy-a gift from our irish friends



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