Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tea for Two on Tablescape Thursday!

This tea set is very special to me. It is a gift  from my mother who in turn received it from her mother. It was first enjoyed by my grandmother in Cloppenburg Germany in the 1940´s. When my parents and older sister immigrated to the United States in 1957 my mother carefully packed in one of the  crates. Back then you traveled by boat from Bremerhaven to New York. ---Years later in 1989 I made my way back over the ocean to marry my husband and live myself in the hometown of my parents-Cloppenburg. From Cloppenburg my family moved to Berlin in 2001 and to the suburbs of Berlin in 2003. With every move, I carefully packed the tea set my mother had passed on to me. As I myself have a son, I guess I will pass it on to my daughter in law. (But lets hope that is not for quite some time as my son is only 14!!!!! Happy Tablescape Thursday Everyone.


  1. Love your asian theme, Nicki... I have such set.


  2. How lovely to have this special tea set passed down through the generations! I am having a crown put on and I hate going to the dentist! I always end up in tears. I have issues with holding my jaw open and I am sore for days after. I feel for you...Joan

  3. I love the blog, please don't take offense but with the black background and the small gray writing I cannot read any of the wording, the pictures are great and I lovel the pretty tea set, wish I had it, would love to have will and grace in tinas blog, she loves featuring her friends, it's easy just add them in your blog with bigger picture and she will come to visit,,,,,thanks for sharing,,,,Phyllis



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